Monday, April 14, 2014

Soaping Design Revolution

You have read this before from me that I seldom repeat my design, even if it's the same fragrance.  But there are a couple I do every year that I consider worth keeping and repeat.  However, the big concept might have stayed the same, it's the small detail changes that make each batch unique.  This is a story about how Mojito Soap evolved over the years.
Original inspiration back in July 2012 is a photo of a beach resort I got online:
 This is the very first Mojito Soap combining 3 different techniques: soap embed with outline, pencil line, and M&P soap on top of CP:
This design was a big hit, even got some soapers copying through out the years.  The video of making is uploaded on my Youtube channel, just search for Shieh Design Studio if you are interested.  This design requires a lot of planning and preparation, definitely not a mess produce effective design.  Then the next 2 generation:
I feel like it is losing it's fame, time for a little reinventing!  I went back to my original Mojito and really feel like I need to bring back some of the elements.  I like the irregular rocks from the first generation rather than those later round balls.  But instead of remaking the exact duplicate of first generation I want something else to catch people's attention again.  Thanks to all that responded on my Facebook page and gave me some inspirations!  I'm rather excited about this new Mojito Soap, still made with coconut water and essential oil blend (instead of artificial fragrance), but a fresh look!
How can it call itself Mojito if there's no lime slices and mint leaves?!  That's obvious, isn't it?
With a simple and free modification to my log mold I created this glass shape soap, how do you like it?


  1. They are absolutely beautiful, all three batches of them! But I still like the first one is best, it's the most fresh-looking one.

  2. Gorgeous and stunning! The mint leaves and lime slices add a special touch.

  3. Perfecto mundo and I can almost smell this one! It will be interesting to see how soon this style reappears across the blogisphere! Inspiration abounds!

  4. wow, they look amazing :)) well done :)

  5. The glass shaped mojito ones are my favorite. I love the lime garnishes!

  6. They really look wonderful !
    I'm curious though, you said that you used a simple modification to your mold to allow you to have an original shape. I'd be very interested to understand how you did that. Cheers.

    1. I took 2 pieces of thin boards and laid then one on each side of my regular loaf mold in a tilted position to form that glass shape.

    2. Thank you very much for your answer. I guess that's te best way to get some new and custom shapes without investing in new molds each time. And it's some very good inspiration too !