Thursday, September 1, 2011

Solid Bubble Bar - First Try

It seems like solid bubble bar is in trend so of course I want in!  Just for fun!  I bought some SLSA (Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate) which is a mild surfactant derived from coconut and palm.  I adopted Lovin' Soap online recipe and tweaked it to what I have in hand.  My ingredient list revised:
Baking soda
Corn starch
Milk powder
Jojoba oil
Natural liquid soap
Fragrance oil (I used Posh Patel, a sweet rose scent)
FD&C colorant (in castor oil)
The bubbles go and go and go!  This does not set off like a bath bomb.  In fact I have to break the crumbs down myself even with hot water, a bit hard to dissolve.  And when it dissolved, the water became cloudy.  But, once I started paddling in the water like a duck, the bubbles won't stop!  Next round I'll tweak it again, maybe add some skin loving butter (either cocoa or shea or mango), and some citric acid to see if I can set this to fizz and help the dissolving issue.


  1. Those are really beautiful looking bubble bars, arent they great to use? I love them

  2. Well, they look fabulous! I love the way you rolled them up! I'm sure you could easily find some volunteers to test them out for you. :)

  3. Oh yeah, I don't need volunteers, I'll use it myself! No sharing! lol

  4. This looks soooo nice! are you sure it's your first try? You got talent! Mine didn't work out, hahaha ;P