Friday, September 16, 2011

This is how Italy greeted us

Well, first time visiting Italy, we had bad experience.  First of all, information booth people really aren't helpful if you are too polite, they don't want to work any harder than they have to.  Then our B&B over booked and made us waited  for hours without telling us exactly what happened.  This is a 4.5 star B&B on TripAdvisor, newly renovated and great service, well, according to the online rating.  We booked through and gave our credit card info to secure the reservation (fine print guaranteed) and they still over booked it.  Hours later, they put us in this small smelly studio in a dark tiny alley, we saw a dead rat (huge) in front of another unit's front door right next to ours.  We stayed there for one night without air conditioning.  Then second day they transferred us to another hotel, old and tiny room, totally not what we originally booked for.  And they ended up just gave us 30 Euro discount.  We are frustrated for sure.  Oh you will hear from us very soon once we get back to the US.  And B&B Diamonte e Smeraldo, you are going to receive a nasty review!
Anyway, we have to go enjoy ourselves, can't let it get to us or we lose and they win, right?!


  1. Oh how frustrating, I hope you enjoy the sites at least. I was in Italy years ago and hope to go back someday.


  2. Italy is marbellous, and Venice is so beautiful... I was visited Venice much and I love it. It´s really the Venice´s Hotels are expensives and no so goog like others italian sites. I hope that you enjoy and forget.

  3. Oh that's so annoying! I always check with Trip Advisor too and it's, generally, a fair indicator. I'd write a stinky email to the managers too and tell them you're going to give them a harsh review. Why should any of us accept bad treatment?

    But, as you say, you can't let that experience colour the whole trip and Italy (and you!) look wonderful! I've never been (even from Ireland, it's so expensive to get to) and I know I'd die to try their pasta and ice cream. Probably better that I never go LOL... Enjoy the rest of your holidays hon xx

  4. Em thank you for the lovely photos and the architecture is awesome! Looks like the capitol S man is loving the romance of the surroundings! You look fab too! How was the music festival????

    When you get home you can have a typing good time on tripadviser and such.

  5. Oh my, the service's worse than 1 star hotel! Yes, they deserve be fixed. But before that, just enjoy the rest of Italy as you said. Ma ma mia!! =)