Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Welcome Home Package

After my horrible experience at Rome airport (only took us... oh, 26 hours to get home!) trying to get back to my normal life I was exhausted and found myself speechless when I saw what a mess my 2 pets had created in house for 2 weeks... sigh...  We went to the airport before 5 am in the morning to take the first flight out of Rome that day and found the flight canceled at the last minute.  Imagine whole flight of passengers panicking at the same time, running around the terminal trying to get some help, most of us don't speak Italian.  Everyone of us booked our flights through various airlines, and we were consolidated into one flight operated by Brussels Airline, which does not even have a counter in Rome airport!  Now you see why we were panicking at 6 am in the morning?!  3 hours later, finally got on Alitalia airline flight heading to Germany instead because we already missed our connection flight in Belgium.  Guess what?!  You would think our bad luck should be over, but no!  We were strained on the plane for more than 2 hours on the side of the runway because of some mechanical problem with the engine!  ... speechless...  Finally took off after 11 am on our way to Frankfurt.  Then we found out the flight straight back to San Francisco has left the gate... we got there too late... the next flight out home is 5 hours later...  Ahhhh... 

Ok, all this is just to let you know the stage of my mind at the moment when I actually opened my front door and back to my own 'castle'.  If I had any energy left in my body, I would cry, as loud as I can, like no one else business.  Then, finally one good thing happened.  I found a beautifully wrapped (with black and red nice thick paper) box quietly sitting on my kitchen counter (thanks to my parents taking care of my pets and my mails for me when we were out).  Soaperstar Celine sent me a package of soaps!  The box is so nicely wrapped I just stared at it and sniffing around for the whole night because I didn't want to ripe the paper!  Silly me!
Look at the beautiful mulberry paper and ribbon wrapping!  So upscale look packaging!
I love all the scents!  Pink, white, yellow, & teal one is Water Lily.  Blues and white one is Wild Blueberry, yum!  The small pink and white sample is Peony Sorbet.  And the small brown and gold sample is Fig and Brown Sugar.  The question is, which one should I try first?!


  1. Ohhh the lighting was bad? You're kidding, they are great pics!!! So happy they made you happy, sounds like you needed a boost for sure.

    And your experience in the airport sounds like one I had in Charles de Gaulle in Paris, nightmarish!!

    At least you're home and can rest and relax... you might need a holiday to get over it all!!! LOL x

  2. So glad you made it home in one piece! Your pets missed you so much Em. A lovely welcome home gift for you beautiful soaps! Just can't get enough I know, I know! Nice fragrance blends and smashing colors too.

    Hope your jet lag and frustration are falling away and you are soaking and enjoying the pretties and the frou frous!

    Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos!

  3. Yes, what a nightmare - I'm sure you are so glad to be home!! Lucky you - a full-sized bar of Water Lily! Definitely need to use that one first! Or the Wild Blueberry. I just used that one in the shower for the first time and LOVED it!!