Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fountain of Youth - Pearl Dust

Did I get your attention now ladies?!
I'm going to introduce you my very very limited soap, by this I mean most likely I will never make this soap ever again.  The big perk of this soap is the special additive I used - real pearl powder.  Here's a quote I found:

"The nacre of a pearl-producing oyster, whether found in pearls themselves or in the oyster's shell, contains the same essential amino acids that heal and maintain cells in the human body. Deficiency of any one of these key amino acids can cause skin to look coarse and wrinkled. Researchers who have worked to develop skin creams based on nacre claim that various components of pearl can stimulate the metabolic activities of the genetic material in a cell - the DNA and RNA - and thus can promote and accelerate cell renewal."

By all mean I'm not making any claims!
Anyway, let me just show you the soap!  I made this soap before I went on my Bhutan trip and didn't have the time to take more photos to blog about it.  Well, it's down to the last bar so no more photos...  If you want it, please go to my facebook store: