Friday, March 1, 2013

Blog and Ads.

I apologize if my post is going to offend anyone who happens to read it.  This is purely from my personal point of view.

Often I discover a new interesting blog and get excited to book mark it under my to read list, only then to find out that there are ads running on the side, under each post, or wherever it sees fit.  Personally, I hate it, and I would just delete the blog and not go back unless I absolutely have to for some reason.  I started my own blog because I want to share my passion.  I do run a small home based business, but that's just to support my hobby, not making a living.  I just cannot understand the thought behind selling your blog to big companies who pay you to run their ads.  Unless it's my own ads on my own blog helping my own business.

I can assure my readers that I pledge to have my blog ad-free.  Same with comments, any that embeds link to sell or advertising other products will be spammed!


  1. My feelings exactly. So uncouth. I would also stop any blog running ads. We all need someplace to escape from the constant bombardment of advertising.

    I'll take the pledge too, not that I've ever considered putting adds on my blog, my FB or any other site I'm involved in.

    To send some one a message on FB today they wanted me to pay money to deliver the message. I think not.

  2. I am new to the blogging thing as I recently started a blog for my business and I totally can relate to what you are saying. The only ads on my page are the ones I am promoting for my business!