Monday, March 4, 2013

How to Fancy Up a Plain Soap

Does plain soap have to be boring?  Absolutely NOT.  If you soap one color plain soap what else can you do to make it more eye catching?
Last month I talked about using oil mica swirl to jazz up soap top, read this one: Soap Top Oil Mica Obsession  But that's not the only other technic you can play with shimmery sparkling micas.  Here is my story:
More and more often I found myself soaping with fragrances that either discolor or accelerate trace or both.  Any fragrance that has sweet notes usually contains vanillin which is the synthetic duplication of vanilla scent.  Vanillin oxidizes and turns soap to different levels of brown depending on how much is in that specific fragrance.I'm pretty sure I'm not the only soaper tired of dealing with browning soap.  There's only so much you can do to brown color!  Because of this I hit a soaper's block due to frustration, was going to give up and just soap it plain jane looking.  But part of me refused to cooperate.  Then a light bulb lighted up in my head, I can paint shimmery mica on top for some bling bling!

Stage 1: make the plain soap and pour into the mold with peak top
This is made with deflated California Cabernet Sauvignon and Australian red clay and scented with Apple Berry Picnic (oh so yummy...)

Stage 2: paint mica on the top once the soap is harden up and ready to take out of its mold

I just used a cheap small soft paint blush so I can deliver mica into any tight nook.  That was fun!
Now look at them shine under sunlight!

 3 color gold mica gradation effect, from light gold to pure gold then copper gold!


  1. Wow, what a difference that simple addition gives a focus to the soap, very beautiful (and blingy!) indeed.

  2. You're right! One small change adds such a gorgeous touch--I love it! :)

  3. I would have never thought to paint with the mica - very creative solution!

  4. Wonderful!! golden mica gives the soap an oriental style.. I love it!!!!

  5. Thanks for the tip, Emily! The mica makes a big difference and it is a lovely touch.

  6. I love this soap! Thanks for sharing your idea!

  7. absolutely beautiful Emily. would love to try this technique.