Friday, October 7, 2011

Color Inspiration Series - Savannah Sunrise

If you have not seen part 1 of this 3 part experiment, click here first Color Inspiration Series - Cherry Blossom.
Part 2 is about the same awesome recipe except this time the cocoa butter is being replaced by same amount of shea butter and scented with Orange Grove + Savannah Wind.
I have no idea when this accelerating trace pattern is ever going to end... sigh...   Again, stick blended to very light trace, then added the fragrance oil, and... accelerated to a point to ruin my swirl plan...  And and, I have no idea what went wrong with the orange color, it is not orange at all, more light peach.  I used quit a bit of the discontinued TKB Pop mica plus a little copper penny to get a deeper tone and it turned out too light!
Is it my imagination or more new fragrance oil accelerates trace in cold process soap these days?  Look at all that air bubbles I trapped in the thick soap batter!

Inspired by Design Seeds: tangerine


  1. So, other than trace issues, have you decided which recipe makes better soap? :)

  2. @ Amy, not yet! I have to wait till they all cured then I'll report! I usually wash my soaping equipments the day after or later. and i did noticed that the batch with cocoa butter did start to lather the second all my equipment hit the running water. The shea butter lather the least but left the most grease, and mango utter makes the softest loaf.

  3. I like those colours, but isn't it annoying when the colours don't work out as you planned? But it is lovely! Has either fragrance got any spice in it? I find they go a bit mental.

    Also it'd be interesting to see how the costs stack up for each of the recipes.

  4. @Celine, cost is definitely higher than my usual recipes! LOL, darn cocoa butter, why do you have to be expensive?! Why can't you cost the same as Shea and mango butters?!

  5. Nice! A beautiful bar people will love it! Em what are the white spots?

    A touch a whisper of black act. char. might darken up the peach a bit, but only the rice size! haha

    I'm having more luck soaping cool these days with the accelerators. ARE they marked as accelerators by the company who sell the fragrances?? I'm back to insulating now also, winter and such.

  6. I'm learning to just deal with soaps that don't turn out the way I planned. Sometimes I think soaps are trying to scream out I'm still beautiful and this is the way I was meant to look. I add my scent to my oils before adding lye solution. Also I soap at low temps 80 or room temp.

    I also alternate between shea butter and cocoa butter all the time and find cocoa butter makes a harder bar but both feel great when showering. I mark my bottles that are high accelerators so I'm somewhat prepared.