Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Red Palm Oil Trial

I've always been curious about red palm oil, not in cooking, but in soaping!  What we can find in the regular market is usually half red palm oil mixed with half canola oil, I'm guessing it's for the final product to stay in the liquid form (palm oil stays solid in room temperature)?!  It took me a while to adjust the new recipe as the more I want red palm oil in the recipe the more canola oil is also put into the equation at the same time and canola oil produces very soft soap.  Well, this new recipe certainly heats up fast, and this time I do not mind it gels, in fact, I kind of wish it would for the purpose of intensifying the colors.  I split some out to add active charcoal and copper penny mica and did an ITP ( in the pot) swirl.  This batch is scented with Frankincense & Kadota Fig plus Savannah Wind, kind of in season for the autumn, light fruity, warm, with a little citrus and spice, very yummy.

Oh I forgot to spray rubbing alcohol on top, look at the ash!  Can't even see the top swirl.

Let me show you how saturated the colors are under bright sunlight!

Update: washed off the ash on top


  1. Wow, that is some colour! Pity about the ash hiding the top sweirl but you can wipe that off with a damp cloth. The fragrance blend sounds interesting and sounds like it matches the colours really well too. Well done you!

  2. Fantástico, tus últimos jabones son realmente estupendos.

  3. The colors are so fall season and beautiful! These swirls will have a look of intrigue as the bar is used also revealing a marbled look!

  4. I only hope the intense color I got from red palm oil will not fade over time!

  5. Gorgeous!! I am tempted to wash the ash off my Winter Wonderland soaps as well... Hope your colors hang in there!