Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snow White, the drama princess

Usually you make the soap then you give it a name.  This time is the opposite.  The name came first, inspired by soaperstar's Snow Angel, challenged by Celine (aka soaperstar) from I am handmade.  The story is, Celine's Snow Angel gave her such a hard time soaping but we all thought it is as beautiful as its name and so worth all the trouble.  My comment to her is all beauty in history has her own drama, just like Snow White.  Celine then turned that around and challenged me to make a Snow White.  Ok, sure, I like a challenge!  Surprisingly it did not give me any fuzz during soaping and filming, smooth sailing all the way!  Then after editing the recording for my youtube channel airing, it mysteriously 'disappeared', meaning I can see the file name in my drive, but no way to open it or copy it or upload it...   She's being such a drama princess!  She really knows to pick the timing!  Took me another night to edit the whole video from the original again and now she's finally ready to tell her side of the story.


  1. Wow, it does have a secret inside!! Love it, cannot WAIT to see that pretty baby cut! Oh and I love the idea of a snow fragrance with an apple fragrance, that is very clever. And funny isn't it, a beautifully behaved soap can turn into a drama, even after she's made! LOL... loving it Emily!

  2. Great video and lovely colors! Look forward to seeing the cut pics/video. :)

  3. Nice I love the idea of the secret secret swirl. Spliting the fragrance like this is such a grand idea. There is no stopping you Em! Good oh! Thank you for such a fun video!