Monday, October 17, 2011

New vs. Old

It is said that soap is like a good wine, the older you cure, the better it gets.  Now, is that really true?  As curious as I am, of course I have to do an experiment to prove it right, or wrong.  I dog out a bar of soap which I made back in 7/18/2010 according to my soap log.  As far as I can remember, that's probably the first batch I ventured into mixing different fragrances.  It is a mixture of Indian Sandalwood and Tuberose Moss, both from Bramble Berry.  I opened up my old file of that soap recipe and made an exact batch again, with the same % of fragrance and superfat.  Well, I can't tell you which one is new and which one is old.  I will line up some testers.  I want true honest answer without any existing perceptions of any kind.  We shell see.

Looking back at my old recipe, now I have no idea what I was thinking, what a strange recipe I made...
Olive oil
Rice bran oil
Apricot kernel oil
 Palm kernel oil
Palm oil
Shea butter
Coconut oil
Castor oil


  1. I would say the green one is the older one.. but only cos there are more bubbles in that! And that should be a lovely recipe I would have thought too!

  2. @ Celine, the green one got more bubble because it was done with vertical mold. The blue one was done with log mold. Both times the soap traced fast, harder to pour into the vertical mold without trapping air. lol If you look at the left pink portion you'll see the pour mark caused by the soap setting up too fast!

  3. The soap on the left has very distinct edges. The pour lines are very visible in the pink portion. The green soap looks a bit softer and even with the air bubbles to my eye it is a more attractive bar.

    How old is the green soap? How does it feel? Are you going to do a lather/bubble test? Was this the stormy nights recipe?

  4. @ Pam, no this is not the stormy nights recipe, this is way way back. I cannot tell you which one is new and which one is old! I can only tell you one is made with vertical mold and the other regular log mold. And yes I will do the initial test myself then I'll have other people test them too.

  5. Thanks Em from the way back machine, I get it!

  6. I will be completely honest and say that I have no clue which one is older and which one newer! but they both look gorgeous! I will be waiting for the test results...