Monday, April 11, 2011

1st public contest entered : Fair Ivy Contest

 I've been kind of gun shy about going public of anything, my social life (ie. Facebook), my professional life (ie. Linkin), and my true love - creative hobbies.  Everything has it's 1st time.  I guess 2011 is the year I feel I have enough confidence to "let it all out" so to speak.  I quietly prepared myself, accessed all data I got, went through my mental notes, and finally decided to put my proud "babies" out in public for judging.   See my babies in the crowd?!
 This is the Fair Ivy contest I entered through Soapqueen Blog.  I submitted 3 entries (is that too many?!)  I had a hard time deciding which "baby" to send off to battle with all other goodies so I sent them all!  Like an army!  #1 baby is my all natural hair conditioner which I use everyday and it smells divine!  I used a essential oil called Euphoria, blend of Jasmine, Rose, & Sandalwood.  #2 baby is my very own natural (but not vegan) Emu oil lip balm duo - Passionfruit Rose & Bubblegum.  Total yum!  They will make you want to lick your lips all day long and eat it!  #3 baby is Natural Goat's Milk Cream with Emu oil scented with refreshing Sage & Lemongrass.
I have no idea if I made it to the finalist, but I probably don't care because I'm still proud of what I put out.  It's a great experience for me, and I will continue doing it if there are other chances!


  1. Best wishes on the Fair Ivy competition!

  2. Its amazing for me because i have thought that baby is your small little doll.I am not able to understand well first.The baby has any side effect or not?

  3. I love your tags for your soap and your labels for your lip balm. where do you get those! If you don't mind sharing ;)