Thursday, April 28, 2011

Coconut Oatmeal Milk Soap - part 1

After cooking a meal of Indian curry, I need to use up the left over coconut milk in my fridge.  So into the soap it went.  Oh~ why not!  Add some grinned oatmeal!  Since I'm using fragrance oil called Sage & Citrus from Wholesale Supplies Plus, I colored the mixture orange, the citrus part.  You'll see me dropping in green soap balls soon, that's the sage part.  That's the theme for tonight's soap.

Ok, now I had to let the left over mixture sit for awhile to let it go to heavy trace.  As restless as I am, I went ahead and washed all my tools, put all my supplies back to where they belong, and even made some paper rabbits (that's for a baby shower I soon to host for my maid of honor) while watching TV.  20 min. later, ready to spoon it.
 Keep on piling up.
 Did a little swirly with my spoon, the restless way.
 Why not?!  Sprinkled some oat on the top, not too much, I don't want to clog anyone's drain!  Voila!

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