Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Anyone wants Chocolate?!

This is my late night project, when I'm sort of craving for sweet.  And the best thing is, it's 0 calorie!
First thing first, melt some clear M&P and add a tab of white M&P to make the tiny strawberry not transparent but deliciously red.  Since I don't have straight fruit fragrance oil I'm using Wild Current & Sandalwood, still yum, just not as sweet, the way I like it. 
Now this is the hardest part, in my opinion, to get the right dark brown color for that rich dark chocolate.  I must have used... oh I don't know 7 different colors?!  I lost count...  I'm using Chocolate Drizzle fragrance oil, hazelnut chocolate~ can you smell that?!
Ok, ready to assemble them!
Melt some white M&P and add more Wild Currant & Sandalwood fragrance, and a tab of pearl pink mica.  I scored the top of the chocolate cubes with a knife, alcohol spritz, poured some pink M&P, drop in those cute little strawberry.  Almost done!
Now I only need to drizzle the pink M&P free hand all over the "chocolate" for finishing touch.
They look real enough to eat, right?!  I have to keep on telling myself not to lick my fingers!  Ok, time for presentation, put them in little chocolate liner paper.
Package them in a clear plastic box so buyers can see the goodies inside!  Oh~ don't forget to put a sticker of "soap" somewhere to avoid anyone mistaken them for real chocolate, we don't want to send anyone to ER, do we?!
I don't measure, a bit lazy, always eyeballing the amount, got left overs naturally, don't want to waste all the yum.  Here's the macaroon made of the left overs!
Here's an alternative version with peppermint sugar frosting!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, and oh so yummy looking and zero calories the best! Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Holy cow, these are gorgeous!! Great work!