Thursday, April 14, 2011

Experimental Topography Funnel Swirl Take 2

This time I actually make my lovely husband to take some photos while I'm making my 2nd try on the my so called Topography Funnel Swirl.
Here's me using my cheap hand held mixer.  I got to go get one of those stick blender!
 The fragrance oil I use this time is called Provence, supposedly fresh and clean type.  To me it's a bit too masculine.  I  decided to pour a layer of white on the bottom first this time.
 I'm using 4 colors: pink, yellow, blue and teal.
Started pouring with my funnel randomly.

 Ok, I have to admit, not what I expected...  Too much color contrast... out of habit...
 This batch used more water and the recipe traces slow.  I had to let it sit for 2 whole days before I can touch it.  The top got ashed even though I covered it with plastic wrap.   I will wash the ash off later when the soap gets a bit firmer.  You can find this item in my Etsy shop: Provence

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  1. Cat I like this soap the colors are lovely together. Good idea about the white bottom!