Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Texture Mold - DIY

I always want to make an interesting unique texture top for a plain bar of soap.  But buying fondant silicone sheet is $$$.  One day I was surfing an online scrapbooking store and embossing tools gave me an idea, it's like a big light bulb turned on!  To experiment, I bought this 5"x7" plastic embossing folder for $7.65 and am going to try using my brushable silicone to make my own texture sheet for soap.
This will make a very good fun soap for little boys.
Silicone sheet is being cured right now, will reveal it tomorrow or the day after.  At the mean time, let me show you a loaf I did with Bramble Berry's Berrywine fragrance.  I'm fascinated with this fragrance, how can it smell like wine out of bottle?!  Anyway, I soaped it, and it smells divine!  But, look wise... sigh... see for yourself.  I was afraid of over heating so I did not insulate it at all and this is what happened... heat lost, all over the embeds!  I want to scream!  Not to mention that I used Merlot and Luster Black Mica and it turned out pink!  !#&^(@$^% aaahhhhhh~



  1. It may not have turned out how you wanted it to, but that's still a gorgeous bar of soap! I tried the Berrywine FO from BB, too, a couple days ago... I'm not fond of it by itself (but I'm not a big wine fan to begin with) but I think it will work nicely as a base note to a mixed fragrance. Can't wait to see how your texture sheet turns out! The design looks cute ^_^

  2. True about Berrywine fragrance, it's a bit too sweet for my test also, so I added a little Earth Musk to tone it down. It's not bad right now.

  3. Hehe, great minds think alike! I had been thinking of adding the Earth Musk to it as well, but after doing some testing with my hubby, we stumbled on adding Celestial Waters and Yuzu to the Berrywine (all BB fragrances). I've yet to do the official testing of that mix because all we did was open the bottles and sniff them together ;p Hooray for fragrance sniffing!

  4. Hahaha... At least it's not just me! Maybe that will be added under my to do list (as if I don't have enough items already) to experiment on what FO to mix with Berrywine!

  5. What no balls?? LOL I love your soaps and appreciate you sharing tips and techniques with us newbies.

    Please check out "Soaping 101 Study Hall" on Facebook, they would LOVE to see pictures of your soaps for inspiration. It is a fantastic group and a nice mixture of newbies and experienced soapers.

    Tina Stalter
    Funky Momma Creations