Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sugar Scrub Recipe Trials

Summer is coming, I miss using commercially made sugar scrub I used to buy from one of those fancy stores.  I went on a search for good recipes to make my own semi-solid, paste like scrub.  One of my all time major complaint about those commercially made scrub is that it is greasy and after awhile the oil tends to separate from the sugar.  Is it inconvenient to use my fingers in the jar mixing it first before scoping some out.  Tonight I'm testing 2 recipes I got online.
#1 no soap no water
liquid oil 22%
butter 7%
emulsifying wax 4%
stearic acid 3%
Vitamin E 1%
brown sugar / salt 60%
FO 2%
preservative 1%
#2 with liquid soap
liquid oil 17%
butter 9%
emulsifying wax 6%
stearic acid 9%
liquid soap 9%
brown sugar / salt 46%
FO 3%
preservative 1%
#2 recipe is actually from lovinsoap blog, except I left out the water portion, I do not understand why so much water needed to be in the scrub.  Even with the water taken out from the formula, the result still ended up watery.  I have a feeling it is the liquid soap.  I will try to add more emulsifying wax to see if I can mix the "water" back in.

#3 with M&P soap
M&P   2 oz
liquid oil   4 oz
 brown sugar / salt   3 oz
Recipe is kindly donated by my soap buddy mella, except I up more defoliant amount.  Made it at night, really watery, thought I failed.  Recipe did call for waiting period of 24 to 48 hours.  This morning I checked and this is how it looks like: 

Alright, time for physical testing.  I used #1 to scrub my left hand and padded dry, this is how it looks like:
 This is my right hand without scrub:
Conclusion, I do feel my left hand is softer, but not significantly.  Back to drawing board.

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  1. How good of you to show your research. I'll be interested in which you decide is best for you!