Monday, July 25, 2011

Going Banana

About a month ago I made my first banana (fresh) soap, see my blog entry Honey Banana Milkshake Anyone?  Being first time making a batch that had 3 notoriously known to overheat Cold Process soap ingredients: honey, banana (fresh so tons of sugar), and fresh cow milk, I was being conservative and the outcome is just so so.  But it is a good experiment.  This time I can actually plan better now that I know what color the banana can actually turn the soap into.  Here you go, banana soap take #2, cake style!  I used Papaya Coconut fragrance oil on the bottom and mixture of citrus fragrance oil on the top.
I rolled up some tiny tiny soap balls from the honey almond coconut milk soap (last monday's disaster)  scrap and decided to do cake top on the loaf.  Curious about what disaster I just mentioned?  Here's the blog post: It's Always a Good Idea to Have Plan B


  1. It looks like some sort of fancy restaurant desert! I wanna eat it! Om nom noms! I bet it smells fabulous!

  2. Absolutely lovely, they look so yummy!

  3. That looks amazing! You have the piping just right and it totally does look like an amazing dessert!! You scored!

  4. Celine, I have to say, I got that sprinkling sparkle mica on the top my soap from you! :P You should see it under the sun, blinds my eyes!