Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Honey!

My hubby is getting older tomorrow!  Can't tell you what number it is, he'll kill me!  Anyway, he probably will tell me to stop making soap that looks like food, but I can't help it!
I made the mini loaf cake a week ahead with Black Raspberry Vanilla fragrance oil.  Since it had vanilla the cake is very likely turning brown over time.  Then I whipped up a batch of heavy traced soap scented with Lychee Res Tea, colored half into orange, the other half nothing.  I iced it first.
  Then attempted to decorate the cakes.  Yes, attempted, this is my virgin cake making, real or soap.
Gosh it is so labor intensive!  I thought I was never going to finish!  The minute I got them done I lifted up the tray to put into my oven so no one will touch them before they are set and harden up.  Then... oops... I grabbed the tray too fast without looking at where my thumb was...  I put a bit dent on one of the corner!
Hurry up, I found some previous scrap soap balls I made from Drama Queen and drop them right on the corner.  Can you tell they are cover ups?!  Phew... saved by the balls!


  1. Wow, your cakes are really looking stunning!! Not like you made them the first time. I only tried once and it didn´t work at all, a great big mess. On my soap and in the kitchen and everywhere. Well,one day I will try again and hopefully I will get it as nice as yours. Your hubby will like them even if they look like food. Have a great day tomorrow!!!

  2. How fun these cakes are! My favorite of the batch has the poke a dots around the middle.

    You have such patients I admire that. Does each soap weigh a pound?

    Happy birthday to your honey!!

  3. Yup, a pound each! And each cake is only about 5"X3" at the widest bottom!