Thursday, July 21, 2011

Naked Soap

I have a confession, I've never done a batch of naked soap (no scent & no color added) ever!  Well, at least before Monday night disaster that statement is true.  Why you asked?   It's like water, I find it boring and why on earth would I drink water if I can drink, let's say, iced tea?!  Ok, fine, then you asked, why now then?!  I will reveal that next week.  :P
So, if you read my previous blog post It's always a good idea to have plan B you would know that Monday night I attempted double batch.  Where did the 2nd loaf go?!  Teh dah!  Here it is!  The naked 100% coconut milk soap that smells naturally milky.


  1. Ha ha ha...I love your wording! I really enjoy it. :D

    So sorry about your "Monday night disaster" but hey, this naked one looks so nice! I can smell the coconut here thou. Oh yeah, NAKED IS GOOD!

  2. What naked beauties!! :) I still have to make some naked soaps! The colors and EO's are so tempting, it's hard to resist!!

    You have been awarded the Versatile blogger award!! Congratulations!! You can check my blog to see what it is all about. :)