Monday, July 11, 2011

Soap Cake Cut!

Ok, did you wonder how it really looks like cut?  I did plan for the cake to turn brown to contrast with the white and peach icing.

I should have been more patient.  I used orange pop mica because I wanted soft orange icing.  But when I pipped it it totally looked neon to me and I though it would mellow down.  It didn't until 48 hours later (usually 24 hours later I would be able to tell the true color)!  Anyway, this is what I had in mind so it is consider a success, phew!


  1. Eeeee! So awesome! I can't believe how toned down the orange got... turned out looking very prettily!

  2. How cool is that??? I still can't believe you've never decorated a cake before. Your work would suggest otherwise!