Friday, August 5, 2011

Army Full of Rabbits!

This Sunday I'll play a hostess to my bride's maid's co-ed baby shower.  This year in Chinese zodiac calender it is Rabbit year.  Coincidentally, the mother to be was also born in Rabbit year, decades ago. So I was on a hunt for little rabbit figurines to cast molds for perfect rabbit soap party favors!  Now I present you, my army full of rabbits!
PS. these are just part of the group, there are more than 30 pairs in 5 colors!
Aren't they adorable?!


  1. I have been playing with them since... hehehe like a little kid. I will post update photo to show you all how tiny the baby is.

  2. Absolutely darling, so darling. What fro? Marshmallow? Have a fun party E it will be smashing for sure!!

  3. So adorable! Great job! They will love them for sure. :)

  4. I love them
    i am looking for cute bunny molds
    im planning a charity in my shop for a bunny shelter here in the netherlands
    they do so much good work
    and these would be perfect
    can u please tell me were you found these

    1. Miranda, I didn't buy these molds, I made them by brushing silicone on figurines.

    2. oww sorry thought you bought the mold
      i will go see if i can find these cute bunny's
      i can make molds too

      thank you