Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Milk Soap Line Up

Let me show you my naked milk (different kind of milk of course) soap line up:
I don't seem to be able to avoid partial gel... sigh.  Well, except the cow milk soap, I insulated it to force gel and it got dark on me...

Coconut Milk Soap
Cow Milk Soap
Soy Milk Soap

I have to say, soy milk soap is the creamiest, love it!
PS. My free hand model is no longer available, he is a natural!  I tried to use his brother (my husband) but... sigh.  You would think it's in their same gene.  He only complaint to me... oh about 100 times in the duration of 5 minutes!  Why do you think you are looking at my hands this time?!


  1. These milk soaps are just lovely. Have you entertained the thought to non gel these soaps. The cure is a bit longer but the soap will be even more luxurious in my O!

  2. I tried... Both coconut and soy milk loafs I put in my freezer and still got power oval. I got annoyed so I forced gel the cow milk one.

  3. I make mine in the fridge when I have the time of course otherwise it's the oven method. If doing the fridge method as soon as the soap is in the mold you have to be quick and get it in the freezer and not take your time snapping photos as I sometimes do. When I doddle I get partial gel as well. Especially with milk soaps they heat up fast. I recently made a goat milk one and only got partial gel on 3 soaps out of 15 and realized I was snapping photos, cleaning out the fridge etc. and that baby got quite hot.


  4. So true, I did take sometime looking at it and take photos... lol