Thursday, August 11, 2011

Soy Milk Venture

I've heard about people making soy milk soap and how silky it is.  But soy milk is not something I normally have in stock in my kitchen.  I've been putting it off because I would forget to get soy milk every time I go grocery shopping.  Tuesday night I finally got to soap with soy milk, the first time.  And you know what's also the first time?  Me using a stick blender to soap.  That's right, you heard me.  I never own one till 2 days ago.  I'm totally not used to this, it makes the mixture move too fast!  Oh well, next time I'll adjust.  I guess no swirl this time...
Back to soy milk soap, it is like creamy pudding!  I was a little disappointed that soy milk is not as white as I expected.  Soap mixture looks kind of tan when I poured, heated up fast so I had to pop it in the freezer.  The next morning I took it out and the color lighten up to lovely creamy beige!
 Here I present you, my power oval!  Yes, it got partially gelled... even after being in the freezer to prevent gelling...  I tell you, soy milk soap heats up FAST!

I split the batch into 2, one naked, an the other scented with Euphoria EO blend.  It's mainly Jasmine, Rose and Sandalwood, very feminine, might be perfume-ish to someone, but I'm a fan of floral scents.  I tell you, this scent really sticks, I can smell myself hours after shower.  And of course this EO blend accelerated on me, on top of the acceleration due to the stick blender.  That totally culprit my swirling plan I have for this lovely loaf.
 The naked one is power oval, and this one... I got smiley face!  How cool is that?!



  1. *thud* That is the sound of my jaw dropping on the floor. The Euphoria soap, even with its smiley face, is just absolutely gorgeous. I love the colors! And the rose accents on top... just lovely!
    And I still can't believe you haven't had a stick blender! What have you been doing? Hand stirring your soaps?! Don't worry, you'll get used to your blender soon! And then you'll be making twice as many soaps!

  2. Yes, in the summer time I usually use hand whisk... Now you know why I only make small loaf at a time! LOL Hey at least I'm building up my arm strength, and hopefully shed some fat...
    :P But winter time I use one of those cheap hand held electronic mixer.

  3. Both soaps are really something. Love the way you have aptly named them 'oval' and 'smiley face'. I freeze my soy milk in an ice cube tray, and have been very lucky to only have it heat up on me once.

  4. Oh they are so pretty! The soy milk one is sooooooo creamy and you couldn't have gotten a more perfect oval if you'd tried! And I adore the rose coloured one, with the smiley face! Just so lovely!

    And I love my stick blender, you'll get used to it, believe me.

  5. So lovely the plain bar is luxury in it's self! I of course also love the pink!

    The only milk I use is coconut milk and I also freeze mine in ice cube trays!

  6. Wow! Those soaps are gorgeous! I use a stick mixer but, plan to do a batch tonight without one. My soap heats up fast and I never get to swirl or anything b/c of that thing! I get the feeling I'm going to bed with sore arms tonight! Lol!

  7. I can't believe that you JUST got a stick blender! While it may seem like it moved too fast this time, you're going to learn to LOVE it!!! They both turned out great, by the way. the Euphoria is perfect, even with the partial gel =)

  8. Thanks ladies! My new stick blender just culprit my green tea soap loaf last night... sigh. No swirl for that one either!

  9. I love soy milk!
    I really like the first one.
    I like its simplicity. Beautiful!
    The light yellow color looks so yummy! =)

  10. Wow, the color of first soap looks like a pure beauty! I love it! =)

  11. Could you share the recipe and steps you did to make the soymilk soaps??

  12. Could you share the recipe and steps you did to make the soymilk soaps??