Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Exciting News

Almost 3 months back I found this fairly new market that sells practically anything natural (or organic in some cases) and eco-friendly, but online only.  You can read their story here: The Story of Abe's Market
I've only been selling on Etsy ever and running a one-person-business.  I only sell what I can make, one small batch at a time.  But anyway I applied to join the market team just to try out.  I filled out their seller application and sent them samples of my product together with my proposed product listing.  Nervously waiting and finally got my approval email!  I'm still in shock a little, I thought I was going to be rejected.  This is about 3 weeks ago.  I had to put this whole Abe's Market planning on hold as I also received a custom order of desert soaps from this local salon's grand opening (see blog Cupcakes Going Out) and also I was hosting my maid of honor's co-ed baby shower (see blog Army Full of Rabbits!).

Anyway, good news is, I'm officially an Abe's Market seller.  I finally have time dedicated to set up my shop online with Abe's Market.  Bad news is they rejected all soap with artificial fragrance oil.  I knew this is coming as the objective of Abe's Market is to be natural and eco-friendly.  I revised my product list and finally penciled out a line of goodies that fit into the niche.  All the ground work and planning has been "cooking" in my head since the day I applied, from recipe to scenting  to packaging to shipping... etc.  Oh my head is exploding.  I need to roll into production ASAP.  This is the time I say I wish there are 48 hours a day!

Here comes the good stuff, I'm offering 20% off store wide sale (Etsy shop) to celebrate.  Go to my Etsy shop Shieh Deisgn Studio and buy whatever listed, just put in coupon code CELEBRATE20 at check out. I will replenish stock frequently until everything runs out which I doubt.  Sale good till end of August.


  1. Yay! Congrats on getting officially started over at Abe's ^_^ I know you've been working really hard to create your soaps for them!

  2. Congratulations! That's awesome! I saw some of your soaps on The Dish and you make beautiful soaps!

    I hope most stores are going the "no artificial fragrance" route b/c those soaps are the ones that sell the best! :)

  3. What great news! Congrats on your new healthy market! Just remember all those fro's, the saying is poison ivy is natural also!

    All the best Em.