Thursday, August 18, 2011

Frankincense & Myrrh

I'm not sure yet if I like or dislike this scent.  But since it seems to be popular, I made a loaf, using LCP (low sweat like CP) melt and pour clear soap base to accent.  I also used dark cocoa powder to make it even darker brown to bring out the gold colored LCP.  I don't know... maybe I'm not Frankincense Myrrh kind of gal!

Maybe I should rename this, any idea?


  1. I have found that not all frank & myrrh fragrances are created equal. I've had some ok ones and then just one that is really amazing. Your colors are fabulous! I'm a huge fan of blue and brown anyway, but the textures just make the whole thing pop!

  2. It's not a fragrance I've tried so I don't know ... can't convince you one way or the other but I will say the soap looks lovely and I love the colour combo.