Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Restless - Jewelry Section

Before I got into soap and toiletry, I was obsessed with jewelry making, I told you, this is the restless section!  So I'm showing you my all time favorite earrings, well, at least for now, until I get tired of it and make something else.
I used a lot of bling bling: garnet, pearl, chalcedony, carnelian, & quartz.  Warm red, orange and yellow tones.  And they are heavy!
 Matching necklace.

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  1. I saw your blog through google when I was searching something about soapmaking and I am so amazed by how talented you are! :) I recently got interested in soapmaking and reading up all I can before delving fully into it. Just want to say that you inspire me to try my hand in this! I was also into jewelry making before I "discovered" soapmaking and homemade toiletries. You are right about this being an outlet for creativity outside our 8-5 jobs. It is such stress reliever for creative souls like us :D