Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Back to Nature - THE END

Everything has an end, and I decided it's time to end this journey.  It has been fun, almost like soul searching, but in soaping.  This finale is actually inspired by Soaptopia soaps
Aren't they pretty?!  Totally fits my recent project theme of mixing M&P into CP.
My finale is called Lavender Blue.  It's made using flat Blue Moon beer (my husband's favorite) and nettle infused Apricot kernel oil.  I did have to add some green mica to help out the coloring, that's the cheating part.  The scent is an essential oil blend of: Lavender, Ylang ylang, Petitgrain, Patchouli, and tiny bit of Vetiver.  Petitgrain essential oil adds a bit of green note to this predominately floral blend.  The name came because I was feeling blue when I made this batch... and still am...  Life doesn't stop for you even when you are feeling down, it goes on with or without you.  That's why I never stop whatever I'm doing.  life keeps on going, so am I.
It is now available at my shop: Lavender Blue (beer)
I used the left over to pour a couple pumice scrub soaps (oval one) for my honey (since he disapproved my last batch that got some pink in it (if you miss the post click this Detour - Pumice Soap).  I scented with Bramble Berry's newest fragrance addition, Eucalyptus Blossom.  Look at the difference in green I got from the same batch, the fragrance oil discolored it to yellow and I actually like it better!


  1. WOW, that is a beautiful soap! Thanks for the shout-out and congrats -- looks great. And sounds like a delicious complex blend of scents... can smell it from here! enJOY!

  2. Lovely ! All your soaps look lovely !

  3. Those are some crazy awesome soaps! Great work!!

  4. I like them very much. I love the colors

  5. Fabulous and all pinky for a Blue soap! Hope you are feeling better. These soaps are so beautiful, as is your work. Thank you for sharing!