Monday, June 27, 2011

Hot Flash Drama Queen

Last week the weather decided to spike all the way up on us here in the Northern California.  We totally skipped Spring and jump right into Summer, HOT one!  We got caught totally unprepared.  The office building I work in had a hard time readjusting the central thermostat control and we felt like being toasted in a glass house.  I have never drank that much of cold water in my life, yes you read it right, I do not like water, it's tasteless and boring, totally against my "restless" style don't you think?!
Today, I present you the product result from last week's heat wave, it's the Hot Flash - Drama Queen style!
This batch totally live up to it's name, what a drama queen!  The fragrance and essential oil blend I mixed up for this totally moved like the speed of light!  And of course gelled up all by itself, see, like this:
What kind of potion is this you ask?!  Well, it's a blend of Vetyver & Pink Grapefruit fragrance oils plus Sweet Orange 10X essential oil and grounded more with dark Patcouli and Sweet Funnel essential oils.  Oh, let me tell you, it is smelling HOT in my kitchen!  Very seductive way!

PS. Story is, the potion moved too fast I didn't have time to mix in the color that well, I got frustrated, poured in some cold water, madly beaten the batter up, then bad thing happened...  One tiny little speckle of raw soap flew out of my pot, landed itself on my eyelid.  Yes, it burned, like hell!  Surprisingly I was very calm (but mad and silently cursing).  I slowly walked over my kitchen sink and washed off my face.  I tell you, this cannot end any other way, it is drama queen indeed!


  1. I sure hope you weren't hurt badly and that all is healed!
    I'm just northeast of you and that Drama Queen soap does look just like our weather feels and your fragrance choices sound amazing. Beautiful!

  2. Not bad, it's more of an emotional shock than anything. The actual wound is like a paper cut, healed in 2 days. Lesson learn, WEAR GOGGLES!

  3. I flicked a spot of raw batter onto the middle of my forehead one soaping day. I looked like an Indian woman for a few days, with a red spot.


  5. I am sorry about your injury, but the soap looks really stunning. Love the colour combination, it´s very Drama....

  6. Ouch! I hope your eye is doing better! I love the shape of this soap. Very nice indeed!

  7. Thank you ladies! No worries, the "paper cut" is long gone, back to soaping, am so addicted!

  8. So good to hear the wound has healed!

    OK I'm hear to report I received my Hot Flash...Drama Queen soap!!!! Whoa! It's fresh so I can't use it yet, but I CAN SMELL IT!

    Not only does this look SUPER STAR, kind of like a Kate Spade Soap if she made soap, it smells like Super Star Soap! OMG I want a tub full, lotion, cream, room spray and liquid soap for the kitchen. I smell citrus, sex and seduction. Definitely this will be a best seller all around. Thank you Emily for sharing this with me! Oh yes I needed those shades :-)!

    How can I count the ways this is so great top drawer, designer worthy soap and fragrance. Fresh, clean and seductive all rolled in to one!

    Good O!

  9. Wow I love that color combo! Love that chuncky cut too. Keep up the good work!!

  10. They remind me of licorice allsorts :)