Thursday, June 9, 2011

Simply Layered

I've been sniffing these 2 fragrance oil sample from The Scent Works for a couple months now and finally took the plunge to use them.  The 1 oz sample size is kind of a weird existence.  Sometimes I'm glad it is just 1 oz I'm buying if I end up not liking the fragrance.  But then when I really like the scent I'm so frustrated that I cannot use it for a full size log batch!  My solution is to combine 2 fragrance oil samples that actually compliment each other and make a log of soap!  I don't mean mixing the fragrance oil, no, I mean layering them like a cake!  The 2 I chose for this experiment are Ume Blossom and White Willow & Green Tea.  Ume blossom is similar to cherry blossom, and White Willow & Green Tea is similar to White Tea & Ginger if you ask me.  I think they actually go well together.  Let me present you, Geisha:
Purple and yellow layers are scented with Ume Blossom.  Ivory and green are scented with White Willow & Green Tea.  I went to Home Depot and bought a small piece of plexiglass and trim it to 3 pieces ass dividers to pour vertical layers.  They didn't work as well as I thought, room for improvement!


  1. Wonderful!!! I like these colours. Greetings from Austria, Claudia

  2. I still think they turned out great! That purple is so pretty!

  3. gefällt mir ganz besonders gut, schöne Farbzusammenstellung und so herrlich zart!

    liebe Grüße