Tuesday, June 14, 2011

S.O.A.P. Opera - Episode 7

So, are you still wondering what happened to the missing #7 & #8?  Well, here I present you the missing ones.
Put extra *** on #7, it accelerated even on 4 oz, I'm guessing if it's regular batch this will gel by itself without any insulation.
Conclusion: they all discolored...  Some lost scent already, some morphed to something else.
Remember to tune back for the finale episode.  All testing changes will be revealed!


  1. @ Celine,
    Yeah the dark color surprised me, especially when I thought CPOP color would be darker than CP and it ended up the other way around?! #1 and #6 both CP are darker than CPOP... weird...

  2. Can hardly wait for which is your fav! The restless nose knows!

  3. I love the dark brown color of #1- it looks like rich chocolate ^_^;;

  4. #1 sure did continue to darken, didn't it? Great comparison.