Thursday, June 2, 2011

S.O.A.P. Opera - Episode 4

Recap from episode 3: reveal of #1 to #6 from CP testing, the ones not gelled, delayed due to #2 not wanting to corporate. 

This episode I'm taking you to the next test on the schedule - M&P.  I didn't forget #7 & #8, I'll come back to them soon.  For M&P I decided to use one of my unique self made silicone sleeve molds, the cute owl, it is indeed the graduation season!
I felt doing plain white is... well, too boring and not my style, there's always colors in my soap!  Giving a color to each mystery FO also is good for future identification.  Anyway, each color is somehow related to how I feel about the FO.  For example, I think #1 reminds me of creamcicle and it smells citrusy to me, I gave it the creamy orange; #2 smells like some kind of lime kitchen cleaner hence lime green; #3 reminds me of fruit smoothie I love to drink during summer so I picked pink; #4 is strongly berry so I gave it lovely purple; #5 has pineapple in it (so I think, will see if I'm correct) that's why it got york yellow; #6 has nut notes and spice in it I gave it charcoal brown; #7 is definitely bakery type scent but since I already used brown I went with maroon red; and last #8, it has given me the hardest time to pin point what exactly to describe it, and then "Christmas wreath" popped out in my head at one point, that's why it got teal blue. 

Reminder, lucky winner(s) will get these adorable owls up close and personal at the end!
Want to order these cute owls for gifts?  You can choose color and scent: Owl Soap


  1. What a great set! They look so cute together ^_^ And great color choices, too!

  2. Love the little owls! They're totally adorbs! Great idea to add a slash of color and leave the rest white. You'll be able to see any discoloration and they're still fun and colorful!

  3. Love the little wise owls! Very nicely done I love the splash of color to go with your sense of the fragrance. So lovingly cataloged!

  4. Can I buy an owl mold from you!!! May daughters are crazy about owls!

  5. @Mamma Wenger,
    Sorry, they are really not for sale... :-(