Friday, June 10, 2011

S.O.A.P. Opera - Episode 6

Recap from last episode: after CP, CPOP, and M&P, body cream was next on the line; these little 2 oz bottles are going to sit for a week to be examined for color changing and then test on "lab animal" meaning me.

This episode surprised me, out of my expectation, you will see why.

The last item on my testing schedule is silky quick dry body/linen spray.  And since I still have a little fragrance left each I decided to add another item to the schedule - natural liquid soap.  Silky body spray is simply made of Cyclomethicone (a low molecular weight silicone that evaporate quickly) and about 2% concentrated fragrance oil.  It is none greasy, oily residue or build-up, and leaves your skin a powdery silky touch.  7 out of 8 mixed well without problem.  A few showed slight separation (do you see the tiny bubbles at the top of #1 #2 & #6?!), need to shake before use.  #7 unfortunately again does not want to cooperate, it give this frosty look to the liquid and separates in time.  Darn you #7!  #1 & #4 got a slight discoloration to beige, so slight I don't think anyone can tell if stand alone.  I sprayed some on coffee filter paper and did not see any stain why dried.
Now, let's move on to the surprise.  I diluted some natural liquid soap I made and added 2% fragrance oil in each bottle.  OMG, instant gel!  None of them flows even up side down!  And #7 the one who gave me the most trouble since, actually was being good in liquid soap... what's happening?! 
P.S. #3 is back up to be my favorite again.  I used the "liquid" (or should I call it paste?!) soap to wash my hands and it smells so good!
P.S.S. I decided to add some more distilled water to thin them down, which proven to be difficult after being all gelled up in a small 2 oz bottle...  Note *** must thin natural liquid soap more before adding fragrance oil and probably just 1% fragrance is needed.
#2 gets the lightest color.  #1, 2, 7, & 8 frosted the clarity a little.  #6 actually deepen the color, look how dark it gets!


  1. Great job with all the testing! #7 is a tricky bastard, isn't he?

  2. Oh yeah~ #7 wants to be different, it's acting like a teenager!

  3. LOL, that rebellious #7! It's just so interesting to see how these fragrances are reacting in the different body products! Thank you so much for sharing all your meticulous notes, Emily! It's so much fun reading through your experiments :)

  4. So when are the creations due back at the shop??

  5. Pam, do you mean the survey? It's dues on 6/20. I still got a week or so. There's one more regular episode then the grand finale!!!