Thursday, June 23, 2011

Playing Dress Up

As promised, I'm dressing up these "ugly" testing CP soap from Bramble Berry mystery fragrance oil S.O.A.P. panel.  Step one, I made some tiny melt and pour soap strawberries using each of the 8 mystery fragrance oil.  Then I whip up a small batch of CP soap batter to heavy trace. Separated into 8 equal portions, and mix in each scent.  Ready to frost these babies!
Ok, I screw up...  #4 & #8 were supposed to have coordinating drizzle color and I messed up...  And I missed #2...  That's the problem frosting at mid night... lol


  1. Actually, some of those look good enough to eat! LOL

  2. @ Celine, I got hungry again at late night... lol Why do I always get sugar craving at mid night?! Thank God soaps are 0 calories!!!

  3. Oh my gosh I can hardly say my name at midnight! LOL Most of these are so darling. I even love the uglies! :-)

    The new look all dressed up and ready to gois so nice. The background you choose is so soap like and the new banner is cool! Wow you've been at it I'd say!!