Monday, May 30, 2011

Back To Nature - Next Stage #2

My Back to Nature soaping journey is almost to the end as my supply of Pistachio nut oil is running out.  There will be one more after this and that would end this series, for now.  Fixed oil prices have been up and down drastically it's driving me crazy.  The cost for Jojoba oil is sky rocketing.  Some oil supplies are out of stock until further notice, including some I use regularly.  The next project will be finding a replacement recipe that carries the similar characteristics, and maybe better?!
Anyway, this is my own interpretation of Ginger Blossom, using mostly essential oils and mixed in Jasmine and Neroli fragrance oils simply because those 2 will cost me an arm and a leg, each, to purchase in essential oil.  To get into the scheme I also added some grated fresh ginger ( you can still see the bits and pieces in the soap) into the lye water.  The essential oil blend I used contains: Ginger, Sweet orange 10X, Ylang ylang, Vetiver and Vanilla.  I used paprika & turmeric powder to color, the dark line is made with dark cocoa powder BTW.
 Yes I did the LCP (low sweat melt & pour) embeds again and I'm having fun!  These embeds are done with Jasmine & Neroli fragrance oil.  Sh... (I cheated a little), not too loud, I used just a tiny sprinkle of purple mica.  Do you see the color pop?!  I'm glad I cheated...
Now available at my shop: Ginger Blossom

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  1. This is seriously beautiful soap. I love the sound of the fragrance and the color is lovely too. Thank you for sharing them with us!