Friday, May 6, 2011

Back to Nature No. 2

I got to say, soap gremlins must have found out that I'm having too much fun recently and decided to pay a visit!  Just as I was celebrating my success of taking my first big step back to nature,  soap gremlins pulled me down to hell from heaven!  Aaaahhhhh.....  My second round didn't go smoothly.  Same recipe as the first one, low temperature and everything, then the EO blend messed up the whole batch!  I should've known that anything floral is unpredictable.  This time I used the proprietary EO blend that replicates Aveda's Euphoric Aroma Oil, with the main notes of rose and jasmine.  This EO blend is one of my favorite and comes with a sticker price way too high.  Now you can see why I'm so angry at the soap gremlins.  The EO accelerated and I did not have any time to do the swirl as planned, here it is, just 2 color layered...  I used pink & black clay this time, very subtle soft coloring.
In case you are wondering about those little white speckles, they were caused by EO accelerating the trace and me using a hand whisk to mix clay into the soap, lots of air bubbles ended up trapped inside.


  1. This is a beautiful soap also. I really love the colors and I imagine the fragrance is elegant too. I like your back to nature idea and will try some also!!

  2. Gray and pink have always been my favorite color combination