Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Back to Nature No. 4

This is for the bunny lovers!  I chopped out some fresh carrot and threw into the blender with some water to extract carrot juice, plus some puree.  Mixed that with cold 2% fresh cow milk and use it for the entire count of water to dissolve lye.   It turned bright red orange, wow!  I also added some papaya and apple extract powder to spice it up.
 I'm making 'healthy' V8 type soap for this batch.  This round I want very light scenting so I used only 1/2 amount of what I usually use.  This is a blend of Ylang ylamg, geranium and Patouli essential oil, a little sweet and a little floral.
I also used a little Australian red clay to deepen half of the batch and do alternating funnel pour.


  1. Very cool and very lovely! Why light scented?

    The red clay did offer a differentiation and it is great color enhancer.

  2. I sure like that funnel swirl affect, forgot to mention that!

  3. I want to see if the sweetness of the carrot, papaya & apple extract would come through. So I lightly scented to enhance it.