Thursday, May 26, 2011

S.O.A.P Opera - Episode 1

In order to conserve the 1 oz I have per mystery fragrance oil to use in more tests, I pulled out my little 2" round cupcake silicone cups for this testing.  Normally I do non-gel CP.  But I do always wonder if gelling the soap makes any difference in fragrance strength, morphing & discoloring.  To solve my own mystery question I decided to do both.  I'm using 5% super fat and 5% fragrance rate as usual.
I used teddy bear cupcake mold (isn't it cute?!) as control to compare.

What did I tell ya!  Instant tan!  It's tan, photo is not showing true color.

As expected, no color change.

I was not expecting my top choice to turn lemony yellow!

 Another berry winner well behaved.

 I start to wonder what's in #5 that makes it turn bright orangy yellow?!  Pineapple?!

Surprisingly it only turned beige, I thought it was going to be worse.

You probably wonder, what happened to #7 & #8?!  ... oops...  Test round 1 didn't go that smoothly...  I made boo boos... let's not go there.  Anyway, ended up not having enough.  Can't call it soap opera if it's without drama!!  
Oh BTW, another cup each identical now sitting in my oven being "cooked" to force gel.


  1. Love it love it! Drama and all funny you! A Soap Opera how cleaver!

    Is the bear gel or non gel? Inquiring minds.

  2. So cool! It is rather interesting to see all the color changes between the fragrances. Very cool :)

  3. Pam, I have one control gel, and one non gel. The photos you are seeing are the non gel group. Stay tuned for Episode 2 to find out! :P

  4. Great job experimenting! I can't wait to see your results of the ones that you gelled!

  5. Great recipe overview! What is this program tha you're using?

  6. @ Mozartiana, I use the online free soap calc from: