Monday, May 16, 2011

Detour - Pumice Soap

This weekend I had to take a detour from my Back to Nature soaping journey and get back to using mica and fragrance oil.  My husband had been complaining about me ignoring his disappearing soap inventory.  Yes, he only likes to use ONE type of soap I made... sigh.  He is very particular about scent but doesn't always know what he wants, though he's never shy on telling me what he doesn't like!  He got to be my most difficult 'customer' at all time!  The pumice sand I use is really fine, it's great for getting ready for the summer, you use the regular soap side to clean your body and turn around use the pumice side to scrub your feet.  Well, men have tougher skin, my husband uses the pumice side all over his body, in a way to increase blood circulation and scratch his itch.
The recipe I used for this soap is gearing at higher lathering to compensate the pumice sand I have to mix in.  It is a very simple formula:
Coconut oil 92
Olive oil
Palm oil
Shea butter
Castor oil
Also it has to be relatively hard bar to prevent the pumice section being too crumbling when demolding. 
 I usually eyeball the amount of pumice, judging it from the thickness of the mixture, I would say like epoxy glue or very thick trace.  Anyway, I poured 1/3 soap mix with pumice into each cavity and 2/3 of regular soap mix.  Pumice soap is better made with individual mold.  You can do it in log, just remember to cut before it's too hard.  And clean your blade after every cut or you will carry pumice sand all over the soap surface.

And then... he went, I don't want pink in my soap!  Ok, it's going to the for sale pile then... sigh: Pumice Milk Soap.
Honey, you are killing me!


  1. Hallo!
    I like the way you make your soaps! They are realy great! Many greatings from Austria, Tascha!

  2. Thanks Tascha all the way from Austria! Wow!