Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bramble Berry S.O.A.P. Sniffying Notes

  1. Definitely vanilla!  A little fruity, like citrus, creamy, sugary, almost creamsicle.  Oh this one is going to discolor, I can see it coming!  I'm not a vanilla fan so we'll see about this one...
  2. Hum... first impression, kitchen cleaner, citrus, sage, eucalyptus type, sharp to nose, might mellow out.
  3. Oh fruity!  I actually really like it!  Not sickening sweet, really a summer fruity tropical smoothie kind.  Happy scent!
  4. Sweet berry type fruit scent, may have vanilla in it.  This one reminds me of Bramble Berry's Berrywine, without the alcohol smell.
  5. Citrus based fruity scent or pineapple, like fruit candy!
  6. This one smells so familiar... I'm drawing a blank right now.  Definitely autumn spice, apple cider, cinnamon, woody, vanilla, brown sugar...  Very warm and inviting, almost homey.
  7. Bakery type fragrance, very sweet, like banana bread, this one will discolor I bet.
  8. Oh this one is... hard to describe...  It has this woody spicy undertone, but fruity at the same time.  The fruitiness reminds me of artificial bubblegum, not those cheap one, the ones with a lot of fruit mix.  Very different from #3, this is definitely for Autumn.
Out of bottle favorite ranking:


    1. Wow, the scents sound like they're all over the board in styles! Good luck with all your testing ^_^

    2. No fair! My package hasn't arrived yet! :( Looks like we're going to have fun though! :)

    3. Funny #7 is your least favorite while it is my most! I just wrote a post completely dedicated to it.

      But then again, I'm a vanilla person. pun intended.

    4. Great this will be such fun for you! I trust your nose restless one!

    5. I am reading not only your blog post about this but also someone elses blog and I like how some of your opinions are both the same while others are so different. I am excited to see how this turns out.

    6. Another SOAP panel member here. Since posting my thoughts on the scents, I've been reading other people's comments. It's fun to compare them!