Friday, May 27, 2011

S.O.A.P. Opera - Episode 2

Recap from previous episode: scheduled to pour all 8 mystery fragrances for both CP gel and non-gel testing, took a turn on itself, only 6 survived, 2 casualties! 

It's only Episode 2 and this testing already took another turn...  Ready for the drama?!
... instead of forcing to gel in the oven... I actually CPOP them... accidentally...
I have never done forcing gel with these tiny amount so I thought I would heat up the oven to help them out.  And now look what happened!  I "baked" them!  Literally!  LOL  Dessert cheesecake anyone?!
As you can tell, after CPOP the control soap stays pretty much white but the colors of others with fragrance all changed.  #2 & #4 which had no color change when I poured are now beige &  ivory.  #3 did a color change yet again.  It was lemony yellow when I poured, then now same ivory as  #4!  What do you know?!  No surprise to me #1 & #6 turned brown.
When this test is over, I'm going to play dress up with these babies and add a little garnish on top for giveaway.  Tune in for season finale!
And, happy Memorial weekend USA soapers!


  1. Nice job and it sounds like you are enjoying the challenge! Playing dress up with cupcakes! Yeah!

  2. You're still so far ahead of me, it's not even funny! Hoping to get some lotions going at least over the weekend. Hope you have a good one!

  3. Has the names of these test fragrances ever been revealed?