Saturday, May 7, 2011

Back to Nature No. 3

I have doubt about using actual green tea in CP and how much of green tea's good stuff is going to survive through lye.  But I did it anyway, just for the heck of it!  It can't be called Lemongrass Green Tea if I didn't use it!  Same recipe, low temperature, this time with essential oil blend of Lemongrass, Peppermint, & Geranium.
I heated up the water and soaked in LOT of green tea lose leaves.  Then put the tea in my freezer to cool it down.  Warning, if you want to try this yourself, do not breath too hard while mixing green tea with lye, it really stinks!  Oh, and turned dark yucky brown...
EO caused slight acceleration, poured in a hurry, only gave me enough time to do texture top with my hand whisk.
Then my itchy hands cannot just stop right there, what else can I do to it?  Fine, sprinkle some grind oatmeal since I cannot use any artificial anything (mica I miss you so much already!).


  1. Very nice and natural looking and a nice smooth texture. It looks like layers formed or is it the light that makes the soap look layered. I like the textured tops of this soap! Oh I don't think I could give up micas entirely, lol.

    Today I read that some soapers make each layer of a 3 layer bar (loaf) a different but complimentary fragrance. That would be fun to try also.

  2. You are correct, it is layered. I had left over pink clay mix from No.2 batch so I cleaned it out at the end to give it a layered look.