Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Honey Banana Milkshake anyone?!

I bought this yummy fragrance oil from a supplier early this year was a little hesitate to use it since there's no information about how it would behave in cold process soap.  I finally dug it out from my ever growing pile of fragrance and essential oils and asked the store owner.  I got a good to go answer, yay!  But using the fragrance oil making a normal cold process soap is... how you say it, too boring, not my style.  So here I was, pulling my hair out thinking what to do, suddenly I saw the almost going bad banana in front of me on my kitchen counter.  Hey, I can't let banana go bad!  Now that would not be "green" would it?!  This whole thing reminds me of my favorite milkshake I used to drink when I was in college... oh... so long ago...  Aha, I'm making banana milkshake soap!  I blended a small amount of fresh cow milk, one banana and a table spoon of honey ahead of time, store it in the fridge to keep it cold until I'm ready for it.  I know the fragrance oil is going to discolor to tan, milk always discolor the soap, and so is honey.  I poured out a small portion of raw soap and mix in a bit of titanium dioxide and yellow gold mica.  Can't call it banana if there's no yellow!  Hum... to make higher contrast, I then mixed in a tab of blackstar red mica to deepen the the rest.
After making the soap and sniffing all the goodies I cannot resist but to make myself a REAL honey banana milkshake, sip and type my blog up!
I guess all that titanium dioxide and soft yellow mica didn't make any difference going against banana and milk!  I'm expecting it to go even more brown in a few days.  Will do another update post next week.  Oh it smells so yummy in my kitchen right now it's making me hungry...


  1. Oooo!! That does sound yummy!! I have a bit of banana fo left - haven't used the rest because it discolors, but who cares! You've definitely inspired me. :)

  2. I bet all that sugar from the banana is going to make this soap the king of suds!

  3. Oh I like the colour though, it's very fitting - hard to find a banana fragrance that smells really like banana, I'm so glad you love this! Looks excellent!

  4. @Celine, I know it's pretty hard to get realistic banana scent so I was going for banana bread, I did add a little honey almond and vetiver essential oil into the mix. This is probably matching the actual color more! Looking like slices of banana bread!