Friday, May 13, 2011

Bramble Berry blog for S.O.A.P. panel

Bramble Berry is selecting their summer 2011 S.O.A.P. panel for new fragrance oils and I want in!  I love Bramble Berry's fragrance and flavor oils.  I have to say their quality is unbeatable.  One of my favorite fragrance from BB is called Red Currant & Thyme.  And I use it to make milk soap:
I bought the fragrance oil one time by chance and fell in love with it.  It is surprisingly fresh yet fruity with herbal green notes.  And it holds up in CP really well, strong and long lasting.  Highly recommended for anyone to try.  It is currently under BB's limited edition section.  Hopefully they will put this fragrance oil under permanent stock.
There are 2 flavor oils from BB I really love and keep on going back to: Bubblegum and Passionfruit Rose.  Bubblegum is presweetened and it's absolutely dead on the scent!  You will want to eat it when you smell it and it actually taste sweet!  I use it for my lip balm line:
I use BB's Red Blue Mica to color the balm to give it a soft pink hue.
If you like fruity and floral scent you got to try BB's Passionfruit Rose, it's fragrance and also flavor oil.  This has been women's favorite in my lip balm line.
I use BB's Lavender Mica (which they discontinued) to give it a grape purple tint.
I also submitted both lip balms for BB's Fair Ivy Contest
Anyway, I really really want to be selected for their summer fragrance panel.  I have so many products to test it on.  It would be so much fun!


  1. New blog? Nice.

    I have a small container of BB's Lavender Mica if you would like to have it. I can post it on my Etsy and you would just have to pay for shipping. Eh?

    So excited to have a new soap blog to read!


  2. If you put a link to the product Red Currant & Thyme! That is what this is about getting the word out!

  3. Hehehe Pamela, I thought this is about promoting BB's products?! Hahaha

  4. What a great entry for our Summer S.O.A.P. Panel! Your lip balm labels are totally adorb, by the way =)